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We have just finished our first class in iOS Mobile Apps Development and were currently forming a new batch for Android App Development. Most of our students and social media fans ask us for tips in creating their Android Apps. Today, we will be covering a few great tips that you can follow to help you in your endeavors.

1. Follow Google’s Android Design Guidelines
Google has made a full set of guidelines that you should follow closely, although some developers decide not to follow the guidelines but it is really critical that you do so. If you follow the guidelines, it will be easier for your users to understand how your app works and they will also enjoy using it more. The guidelines were designed to keep apps coherent with one another and make Android feel and behave as one.

2. Always Keep Up With The Latest Trends
As a new Android Developer, you should always be on top of the new standards set forth by Google. Google constantly releases new updates to its current SDK (Software Development Kit), which provides developers with new ways of doing things. For example, with the new release of Android 4.4 KitKat, came new design techniques developers could implement in their apps. Some of these new design concepts and trends include the new translucent status and navigational bars. A well updated app reflects how much you value your users.

3. Listen To Your User Input
One of the best things you can do to enhance your app is to listen to users input. Users love it when developers take their feedback seriously and apply it to their app. If you handle their feedback properly, they will continue using your app, which is a good thing because without users, your app would be buried under thousands of apps out there in the Google Play Store. And you’re getting access to a huge focus group of people that seeks betterment of your app for free.


4. Immerse Yourself In Android Communities
You should take part in Android Communities as much as you use your Android device. There are many vibrant and active Android communities on Google+ and on the web so make sure to check them out. There’s lots of thriving communities where you can connect with likeminded individuals. Get involved, be inspired, learn and connect with likeminded individuals to hone your craft and improve your abilities as an aspiring Android developer.
Here are some great communities to check out:

Android Developers

Android Developer Tools

Android App Design

Android Studio

5. Learn To Develop For Multiple Devices
Freedom of choice is one thing that sets Android apart from other mobile platforms. Android runs on a variety of devices that have different screen sizes unlike iOS. It is nearly impossible to test your app on every Android device currently out there. In order to maintain consistency throughout many devices, one thing you can do is use density-independent pixels (dip or dp) instead of using pixels in your layout. Android will then automatically calculate the right amount of pixels for the user’s specific device, thus leading to more consistency throughout different devices.

6. Always Optimize Your Apps
The size and speed of your mobile application can be a deal breaker for most users so make sure that you avoid this by optimizing your Android apps. Users hate slow performing apps especially the ones that take up a lot of unnecessary space. You should refrain from using unnecessary memory space to increase your apps speed. You should also avoid using unnecessary objects or variables in your code.

7. You Should Limit Required Permissions
Seeing a long list of permissions for a single app can be very uncomfortable experience for the user. It’s vital that you should limit the number of permissions your apps needs.

8. Respect Your Users
Android users are extremely supportive and will be more than willing to help the developers of apps they use. You should take your users suggestions seriously and work to produce quality apps that your users will love. And users don’t mind paying for good apps.

9. Have Fun With It
You should always have fun when developing your Android apps. Developing will feel like a hobby and not a chore if you are having fun. Throughout the development process you are bound to experience roadblocks but have fun and push through. You will have a much higher chance of success if you are passionate with what you do.

Let us know how your Android Mobile Apps Development process goes in the comments below. What other tips and tricks you think that will benefit aspiring App Developers?

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