FastTrackSolutions, Inc (FTSI) introduced its Education arm in August of 2006, focusing on courses with high demand in ERP such as BSBA and BSA. Its birth was brought about by the increasing demand for trained consultants ready for project implementations. In 2007, it paved the way for expansion of its highly in-demand programs to Universities and Colleges across the Philippines.

In 2011, FIT emerged as a full service training facility that offers a wide range of Information Technology courses and certification to professionals, universities, and the corporate sector. FIT Academy launched courses which are highly in demand not only in the country but also in the global marketplace. Courses on Mobile Development (IOS/Android), business Analytics/Business Intelligence, Web Design, Programming, and Cloud Computing are made available in the Academy.

FIT Academy not only offers a wide range of Information Technology courses but also provides academic integration tailored specifically for specialized industries such as hospitality, tourism, and healthcare. These programs enhance the skill sets of professionals and students by integrating industry-specific knowledge with cutting-edge technology training, ensuring they excel in their respective fields.

FIT Academy’s main training center is in Makati City, with branches in Cebu City and Davao City. For more information, you may browse through our site, and visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates. For further questions or inquiries regarding our courses,please keep in touch through our contact page.

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