K to 12 Program

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Teacher training and education might be more advantageous when institutions foster relationships with K-12 schools and create programs centered on the needs of the students those teachers will likely teach. Several institutions have created partnership programs to support K-12 schools and practicing teachers in bringing an international aspect into their classrooms.

If your school is looking for a partner that has:

  • Expertise in IT Courseware Development, Delivery and Management
  • An Industry-Driven Certification of Competency
  • Aligned with National Competency Standards and DEPED Standards
  • Globally-Recognized Software Tools and Implementation Methodologies

You are in the right place.

Fasttrack is a proven Academe Partner.

With over 100+ Academic Partners Nationwide

See our K to 12 Program Sample of Recommended Integration For Specialized Tracks


ABM (Accountancy, Business and Management) STRAND – contents are aligned with TESDA’s NC III Certification Requirement on Bookkeeping.

Grade 11 (1st Semester) Fundamentals of Accounting, Business & Management 1 (Computerized Bookkeeping)

Grade 11 (2nd Semester) Business Math (Inventory and Payroll Management)

Grade 12 (1st Semester) Fundamentals of Accounting, Business & Management 2 (A/R & A/P Processing)

Grade 12 (2nd Semester) Business Enterprise Simulation


ICT (Information and Communication Technology) STRAND – contents are aligned with TESDA’s NC IV Certification for Computer Programming.

Grade 11 (1st Semester) Logic Formulation (TESDA TR Core Competency 1 – Designing Program Logic)

Grade 11 (2nd Semester) Basic Programming (TESDA TR Core Competency 2 – Applying Program Development Approach)

Grade 12 (1st Semester) Object Oriented Programming (TESDA TR Core Competency 3 – Applying Object-Oriented Program Language Skills)

Grade 12 (2nd Semester) Android Mobile App Development (TESDA TR Core Competency 4 – Applying Programming Skills in a Second Language)


HE (Home Economics) Front Office Services STRAND – contents are aligned with TESDA’s NC II Certification for Front Office with International Certificate through AHA (American Hospitality Academy)

Grade 11 (1st semester) American Hospitality Academy (Hospitality & Tourism Fundamentals 1)

Grade 11 (2nd semester) American Hospitality Academy (Hospitality & Tourism Fundamentals 2) & Operation on Computerized Reservation System TESDA NCII – Front Office Services

Grade 12 (1st semester) Housekeeping & Events Management TESDA NCII – Housekeeping Services and TESDA NCII – Events Management

Grade 12 (2nd semester) Food and Beverage TESDA NCII – Food and Beverage

About Fasttrack

FASTTRACK SOLUTIONS, INC, is an IT Consultancy company, offering best of breed and world-class IT Solutions to the SMB and Large Enterprises in the Philippines and in several countries in the Asia Pacific Region. We are SAP’s number 1 Partner in South East Asia and Asia Pacific for 10 straight years. Our success lies in our expertise to deliver Business Solutions to help our customers streamline their operations and maximize their profits. Our services also extend to Training and Education that cater to Professionals and the Academe. Our team provides the needed knowledge and skill-set that makes individuals globally competitive IT practitioners preferred by the industry.

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