Acronyms are abbreviations that are created using the beginning elements in a phrase or name. These elements may be individual letters or parts of words.

Tier I ERP software packages, such as SAP, reference or utilize hundreds of acronyms throughout their processing screens, menu structures, and training manuals. While this is not an all-inclusive list of SAP acronyms, it does represent a considerable portion of commonly used SAP terms.

List of Common SAP Acronyms:

AA – Asset Accounting
ABAP – Allgemeiner Berichts-Anwendungs-Prozessor (SAP’s proprietary programming language)
ALE – Application Link Enabling
AG – Aktiengesellschaft (corporation)
APO – Advanced Planning and Optimization
ASUG – Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (
BI – Business Intelligence (former reporting)
BObj – Business Objects (SAP Business Objects)
BPR – Business Process Redesign
BSP – Business Server Pages
BW – Business Warehouse
ByD – By Design (SAP By Design)
CAF – Composite Application Framework
CASE – Computer-Assisted Software Engineering
CM – Content Management
CRM – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
DMS – Document Management System
EHS – Environment, Health, and Safety
EP – Enterprise Portal
EPM – Employee Process Management
ERM – Employee Relationship Management
ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning
ESA – Enterprise Services Architecture
FI – Financials
FICO – Financials and Controlling
FIN – Financials (Applications)
FSCM – Financial Supply Chain Management
GL – General Ledger
GRC – Governance, Risk and Compliance
GUI – Graphical User Interface
HCM – Human Capital Management
HR – Human Resources
ICM – Incentive and Commission Management
KPI – Key Performance Indicator
LE – Logistics Execution
MM – Materials Management
MRP – Material Requirements Planning
OM – Organizational Management
PA – Personnel Administration
PCD – Product Design Center (former name of SAP UX – Visual Design)
PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
PLM – Production Line Management
PM – Plant Maintenance
PM – Product Management
POS – Point of Sale
PP – Production Planning
PS – Project Systems
QM – Quality Management
R/3 – Name of SAP’s ERP software, no longer used
REM – Real Estate Management
SAP – Stands for Systems, Applications, Products (German: Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte)
SAPPHIRE – name of an annual SAP conference
SCM – Supply Chain Management
SCN – SAP Community Network
SD – Sales and Distribution
SDN – SAP Developer Network
SEM – Strategic Enterprise Management
SM – Solution Management, Solution Manager
SOA – Service-Oriented Architecture
SRM – Supplier Relationship Management
UCD – User-Centered Design
UI – User Interface
UP – User Productivity (former name of SAP UX)
UR – Unified Rendering (UI rendering technology at SAP)
UWL – Universal Worklist (see POWL)
UX – User Experience (SAP UX = SAP User Experience)
VC – Variant Configuration
WD – Web Dynpro
WF – Workflow
WM – Warehouse Management
WSDL – Web Services Description Language
xApp – Stands for “Cross Application” – SAP’s version of Packaged Composite Applications (PCAs)
XDG – SAP’s xApp Design Group
xEPM – SAP xApp for supporting Employee Process Management (EPM)
xERM – SAP xApp for supporting Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
XHTML – Extended HTML; HTML standard based on XML
XML – Extended Markup Language (see XHTML, HTML)

Understanding SAP Acronyms is only the beginning of your SAP Education.

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