A 5-day Classroom-Based Hands-On Course in Bringing Your Ideas To Life with 3D Animation & Development.

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About The Course


  This training course covers how to create, edit and take apart 3D Models and Animations using industry standard 3D modelling and animation software. It also develops foundational skills to work, create, and navigate utilizing the features of the digital 3D modelling workspace.   Build 3d models, animate your characters, design virtual worlds, create video games, and much more. Push your creative limits, enhance the look of your mobile apps and start learning 3d Animation and Development. Learn 3D Animation from experts who will help you make difficult concepts easy.  


Course Objectives


  Upon completion of the 3D Animation and Development Course, you will be able to:


      • Determine the tool you’d like to use to model the 3D Object



    • Navigate in a 3D Environment



    • Model 3D Objects using manipulation tools



    • Apply specific material to a 3D Object



    • Apply texture to an Object



    • Model the facial expression of your 3D Character



    • Create a good Terrain



    • Create scripts for your animation



    • Use Timer Functions



      • Save your work







Who Can Take This Course


This training course is for everyone who would like to learn 3D Animation Development from the basic of modelling up to the advance topic on rendering and animation. If you are a professional, student, engineer, architecture or artist, as long as you want to take the challenge of creating your own 3D world, then this for you.  


Why Learn 3D Animation and Development?


  Whether you are a professional or a student, that wants to produce a game with 3D Graphics and/or Environments, or enhance your mobile apps, or render a 3D model for your project then this course is for you.  


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