Wondering if it’s career-wise?


Making career decisions can be challenging as you weigh in on the factors that would significantly impact your future.


5 common career mistakes you should avoid:


1. Making decisions based on salary alone – Many people ignore workplace environment, growth prospects, quality of life, and manager compatibility. Concentrating on pay alone can blind you to employment offers.

2. Not knowing your worth – Underestimating yourself is another typical career mistake. Understanding your strengths and how they compare to others in your field will give you an edge.

3. Assuming your career is linear – Non-linear careers are the new normal; therefore, workers today must take control of their professional advancement.

4. Getting too comfortable – Current job conditions necessitate continuing education and skill development. It involves investing in yourself to become an asset. Use your abilities, experiences, and talents to develop your personal brand.

5. Ignoring your intuition – Intuition—that gut feeling, instinct, or inner voice—warns us of career mistakes. Many dismiss their intuition, believing we should only listen to our reasoning voice.