As companies become more dependent on the inter-connectivity of their data resources, the demand for experts in networking rises. With a Network+ certification you can become eligible for a diverse range of jobs in networking.
What is CompTIA Network+ Certification?
CompTIA Network+ is a computer network certification that provides expertise in computer networking concepts at both theoretical and practical levels.
Skills Measured by CompTIA Network+ Certification
Some of the key skills measured and validated by CompTIA Network+ include design and implementation of functional networks, configuration, management and maintenance of network devices, using routers and switches to maintain the flow of network traffic, identifying network vulnerabilities and resolving them, implementing network security best practices and standards, creating and visualizing new networks for complex environments and more.
Learning these skills will make you competent at understanding the networking dynamics of different organizations. Apart from theoretical concepts, the certification also includes labs and hands-on experience.
Specifically, the Network+ certification will give you an opportunity to learn the following concepts.
Networking Concepts
Protocols and Ports
Protocol Types
OSI layers
Properties of network traffic
Segmentation and interface properties
Wired topologies
Cloud Concepts
Cabling solutions
Configuration of devices
Network Operations
Availability concepts
Network Security
Network Attacks
Hardware tools
Software tools
Download the CompTIA Network+ (N10-007) Exam Objectives for a more complete curriculum.