Google plans to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) in the next two weeks that will allow developers to create Android software for use on wearable tech.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s Senior Vice President of Android Apps and Chrome, said during a panel discussion at the SXSW that in two weeks they are launching the first developer Software Development Kit (SDK) for wearable devices.

“We’ll lay out a vision for developers as to how we’ll see this market working,” Pichai said. “We want to develop a set of common protocols by which they can work together,” he added.

“When we think of wearables, we think of it as a platform. We see a world of sensors. Sensors can be small and powerful, and gather a lot of information that can be useful for users. We want to build the right APIs for this world of sensors.”

Google also has its sights on standardizing how wearable sensors send data to Android, which would make it easier for developers integrate all kinds of products into the Android ecosystem. Google hopes its Android platform helps developers create many types of wearable devices.

The goal is to take Android beyond smartphones and tablets to a multi-screen world.

Google is expected to reveal plans for its smartwatch-centric operating system later this month. Google is said to be collaborating with South Korean electronics maker LG to produce a smartwatch that will make its debut at its Google I/O conference in June.

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