HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect

HCIP-Cloud Service Solutions Architect evaluates a learner’s understanding of cloud-native concepts and PaaS basics, as well as their ability to operate PaaS products. These courses help learners acquire PaaS knowledge and other practice exercises with cloud-native application build on the Huawei PaaS architecture.

Cloud Architecture Design Basics

For service migration to the cloud, high availability, high scalability, and other issues in architecture design are important factors that affect the migration progress and the overall outcomes. After completing this course, you will be able to design an appropriate service architecture that can evolve as services grow.

In-depth Guide to Public Cloud PaaS Architecture

Enterprises are paying increasing attention to application cloudification on the Cloud 2.0 era, and expect efficient application migration and rapid iterations. Leveraging years of expertise in cloud computing, Huawei’s application-centered cloud services enable simple application cloudification and improved efficiency.

Cloud Middleware Services

What middleware services does HUAWEI CLOUD provide? What are the key features and application scenarios of these services? How can cloud middleware be used to reconstruct e-commerce systems? This course will answer these questions and more.

CCE: Enabling Quick Application Rollout

This course introduces how to use HUAWEI CLOUD Cloud Container Engine (CCE). Containers are widely used for enterprise services. Containerization is an important PaaS-later cloud computing service. Especially for large internet and video game companies.

Multi-dimensional O&M Solution for Microservice Applications on the Cloud

O&M on the cloud faces many challenges, such as how to plan massive resources, how to schedule resources based on the configured scheduling policies, and how O&M personnel quickly understand resource running status.

DevOps for Enterprise Application Cloudification (Microservice Development, Rollout, and Governance)

Cloud Service Engine (CSE) is an indispensable one-stop solution for developing microservice-based applications. With CSE, both transitioning enterprise applications to the microservice architecture and implementing O&M for them are quick and hassle-free.

HUAWEI CLOUD’s Selected PaaS Solutions

Huawei provides various PaaS solutions to meet diverse customer requirements.

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