SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence TrainingHow do you help your organization make quicker and better decisions and increase their overall output? By providing them with self-service access to the data and insight they need, no matter where the information resides. SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) solutions help your workforces to be more effective in everything they do – helping boost overall productivity.

FastTrack IT Academy SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence training covers a variety of programs make fact-based decisions throughout your organization by trusting on our business intelligence solutions. Simply access relevant information when and wherever you need it to better comprehend your business, act swiftly and confidently and ultimately achieve amazing results.

SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports – Attendees will get a grasp of the fundamentals of planning and creating a report, overview of record selection, and data organization and formatting. [S]he will be able to learn the fundamentals of managing reports, create advance formulas, apply variables and arrays, create report templates, and build specialized reports.

SAP Crystal Reports software assists you to easily design interactive reports and attach them to virtually any data source. Your users can benefit from on-report sorting and filtering – giving them the power to execute decisions instantly giving you the power to create highly formatted reports with what-if scenario models, interactive charts – and send them via the Web, e-mail, Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, or embedded in enterprise applications. As a result, you can leverage your reports to make better operational and strategic decisions.

SAP Business Objects Xcelsius – Is a tool for rapid development of visualizations and highly interactive BI dashboards through a flexible and easy to use point and click interface. Xcelsius supports deployment to a variety of destinations including Web and desktop applications. Attendees will learn how Xcelsius enables creating dashboards and visualization by free-form layering a variety of visualizations on a canvas, customizing visualizations, setting fine-grained control over venting between visualizations and defining data bindings, and compiling solution into flash format makes deploying to various environments easy.