Fasttrack IT Academy SAP Business One training covers a variety of programs relevant to SAP’s small and mid-sized businesses. The market for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB) is very fragmented. This means that it is impossible to speak of one uniform SMB market. The companies that make up the SMB market vary considerably in terms of their scope, the difficulty of their IT systems, their business, and their setting.

SAP Business One gives you immediate access to real-time information through one single system and has a user-friendly interface that serves as your central ERP access point, with standard interfaces to internal and external data sources, handheld PCs, and other analysis tools. The application is divided into a number of modules, each covering different business function.

Strengths include thorough business process in SAP Logistics, Accounting, Project Implementation and Development.

SAP Business One Logistics – Attendees will gain a clear understanding of the concepts and methods of SAP Business One thus enabling him[her] to perform the steps in the core logistics processes of SAP Business One, map customer logistics processes, and setup master data for the standard business process in logistics.

SAP Business One Accounting – The training outlines the main financial accounting processes in SAP Business One thus allowing the attendee to perform the main accounting and banking tasks in each financial process, manage accounting procedures with SAP Business One, utilize controlling tools and company reports, and point out the essential settings for accounting functions.

SAP Business One Implementation and Support – The training follows a structured implementation methodology the lets you interpret customers requirement and map to a standard SAP Business One configuration. Attendee will learn to perform core system data migration, initialization, and configuration to meet customer needs. [S]he will also acquire how to use customization tools to implement customer requirements for: user-defined fields and user-defined values, queries, alerts, and approval procedures, print layouts, user authorizations, and follow the support and services processes provided by SAP.

SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK) – Attendees will gain a clear understanding how to develop additional functions (add-ons) using Data Interface API (DI API), User Interface API (SI API), and User Defined Objects (UDO). Attendee will also find and work with SDK information resources, modify business processes with the SDK, understand SAP Business One, SDK, and add-on licensing, create and deploy an add-on installation package, and describe SAP solution certification requirement.

SAP Consultant Salary Overview in the Philippines

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