There are various SAP training options offered by SAP Academy, SAP Education Partners like us at FastTrack IT Academy and third parties. Your choice of a particular option may depend on factors like budget, the availability of your time, your purpose why you want to take an SAP training, current professional position, area of training and the nearest SAP training center.

If you are a complete newbie to SAP and have no idea, which areas can be of interest to you, you can explore the courses we offer.

These will give you an insight into what is in store and help you in making an informed decision.

This discussion is for individuals, who are looking for SAP training options to choose from at their own cost. Let’s start with the purpose in connection with your current professional position. Your purpose may be – switching to an SAP career, grasping knowledge as an end-user for daily use, preparation before applying to a job requiring some SAP skills. These are some professional scenarios where the need for SAP training may arise. Let us discuss them more in detail:

Switching to SAP career

SAP has a wide range of functional and technical areas. You need to choose one to begin your SAP career. It should be a natural choice for you where you have built a considerable amount of understanding compared to other areas. Suppose, you have a few years of experience in Accounting, then SAP B1 – Accounting or SAP A1 – Financials may be the right choice for you because you have an understanding of business processes in the domain of accounting.

Explore our SAP training courses for your decision-making.

For a student

If you are a student in your graduation or post-graduation years, you may think about doing an SAP training course under the University Alliance Program that can be helpful in starting your SAP career.

For an SAP User

Your current job involves the use of SAP to carry out certain functions. You want to acquire SAP skills, which will help you to perform your daily tasks confidently and with ease. Or you want to apply for a job that involves the use of SAP. Then it is at your best interest to take a training program covering the basics of SAP and business transactions of your domain rather than taking a full-fledged SAP course.

Training Budget

SAP training is somehow costly but now made affordable by Fasttrack IT Academy as credit card payment option is now available. And to think, the price you’ll be paying for SAP training is just a fraction of a cost compared to the benefits you’ll get in terms of the knowledge, technical know-how and career boost you’ll get.

Salary of SAP Professionals

How much do SAP professionals really make? Below are screenshots of salaries of SAP consultants in the Philippines and in abroad.

Here in FastTrack IT Academy, we continuously aim to deliver training programs for both professionals and undergraduates to further enhance competency and knowledge preparing them to be globally competitive.