The Mobile Era: Take Advantage of Its Growth

by | May 8, 2012 | Mobile Technology

mobile growthAccording to Federal Communications Commission, mobile growth data demand will exceed available capacity by 2013 and will reach a deficit by 2014. 5 years ago we used our phones for calling, texting, emailing and that was about it. Now, we use them for everything. 792 mobile apps are downloaded per second. 29 million mobile users stream music through their mobile devices. Video content accounts for 52% of all mobile data traffic.

89% of smartphone users use their smart phones throughout the day. 92% of smartphone users use their mobile devices to send text messages. 84% used it to browse the internet. 76% used it to check their emails. 64% of users played games in their mobile phones. While 69% uses downloaded apps. Android Smartphone owner consume the highest amount of data at 582 Mbs/month. On the other hand, iPhone owners consume on an average 492 Mbs/month.

Apple iPhone users download the maximum 48 applications per month. 70% of smartphone users have more than 10 apps in their mobile devices. App download numbers are skyrocketing. 60% of those surveyed are downloading up to 5 new apps a month. That’s 60 new apps a year! That includes customer service apps.

Customer service apps impacts brands. 72% of consumers have a more positive view of a company if they have a customer service app. Consumers like these apps for many different reasons like convenience, availability and it’s more personal. And they won’t keep a good app experience to themselves. 81% of people use social media and word of mouth to spread the word about a good app experience.

Take advantage of the app opportunity. Every new app creates opportunities for programmers, testers, support staff, businesses, and more.  Although so many app related jobs have been created, there is still a need for more trained IT professionals to fill the ever expanding job market created by the app economy.  This has lead companies like FastTrack IT Academy to offer mobile development training to promising app developers or companies who want to create their own mobile apps to boost their brand presence.

Advances on mobile technology created a great impact on the consumer and business market. Even in the time of economic slowdown the mobile app economy is boosting the market in job creation. Unlike most goods, mobile applications are intangible and its reach is global and unlimited. The ability to download mobile applications anytime from anywhere makes them infinitely accessible which drives sales and creates a higher demand for more apps and more jobs. It is impossible to tell how much impact the app economy will have in the future. What is certain is the public’s ongoing interest in mobile technology and the economic boost that the mobile app economy created.

It is exciting to think about the future of mobile technology and just how far it will take the business and consumer markets in the near and distant future. Start acting now. Don’t let the dreaded analysis paralysis bite you. Take advantage of the mobile technology’s rapid growth. You might have the next greatest app idea waiting to be born.

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