Here is an Infographic from VisionMobile – The Mobile Industry In Numbers – the watchlist of the top mobile platforms and handset manufacturers.

Here are some of the insights from the infographic:

  • Smartphone sales penetration continues to accelerate, growing from nearly 30% in Q3 2011 to nearly 40% in Q2 2012
  • Nearly 2 out of every 3 smartphones shipped in H1 2012 were Android devices
  • Despite low device sales, the Windows platform already has over 100K available apps in Windows Marketplace
  • Although Symbian is obsolete, it still has a sizable installed base – larger than bada and Windows Phone combined
  • In the handset market, Apple and Samsung account for 63% of revenues and over 98% of the profits, depriving other vendors of oxygen and therefore the ability to invest in handset differentiation and marketing
  • In the smartphone market, Apple and Samsung claim more than half of total shipments. Nokia is shipping more Symbian handsets than WP handsets and their smartphone share has fallen to 7%, down from 16% in H2 2011

The Mobile Industry

In the past six months, overall devices shipments took a small dip, but smartphone shipments grew by nearly 10%. In certain regions , like the US, smartphone penetration is greater than 50%. As the smartphone devices continue to grow, so as the mobile apps that goes with it. A new reports foresees that Apple iOS and Google Android will continue to dominate the mobile application space maintaining more than 75% revenue share in 2017, as the market grows exponentially into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Are you already using a smartphone? If so, then you are already part of the growing multi-billion mobile industry that will forever shape our future.