SAP Business One v9.0

With the SAP Business One v9.0 release, SAP continues to demonstrate its commitment to addressing specific product needs requested by small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs). SAP has continued to invest in extending the core functionality of SAP Business One across a number of different business logic, reporting and analytics functions.

SAP Business One 9.0 introduced a centralized implementation framework thus extending the current implementation tools making Sap Business One easier to implement with improved integration.

SAP B1 version 9.0 is easier to customize and extend, offering new development tools, the SAP Business One Studio Suite, including key technical infrastructure enhancements supporting better performance and security compliance. Workflow in SAP Business One enables users to define, customize and execute workflows for key business processes, providing greater process flow transparency, standardization and control.

Below you will find more in-depth functional enhancements and modifications implemented in SAP Business One v9.0.

  • New and enhanced business processes
  • Greater flexibility in reporting & analytics
  • Centralized implementation framework
  • Easier to install and upgrade
  • Improved integration: New EDI capabilities and integration of some SAP add-ons in the core
  • SAP Business One Workflow platform
  • New SAP Business One Studio Suite for customization
  • Improved system architecture & performance
  • Greater security compliance

Accounting & Financials Enhancements

  • Advanced G/L Account Determination

SAP Business One 9.0 provides a flexible and centralized system to manage inventory G/L account determination. With the advanced G/L determination rules, you can assign inventory G/L accounts by item groups, items, warehouses, business partner groups, federal tax IDs, ship-to countries, ship-to states, and various combinations of all the above criteria.

  • Fixed Assets

SAP Business One 9.0 allows you to manage fixed assets using a fully integrated solution. In addition to the functions provided by the Fixed Asset Solution in SAP Business One 8.82, the fixed assets functionality implemented in SAP Business One 9.0 enables you also to do the following:

    • Plan the depreciation of your fixed assets using a new depreciation method‚ “Straight Line Period Control”
    • Calculate the depreciation of fixed assets with the monthly base
    • Import fixed assets from Microsoft Excel files
  • Internal Reconciliation has been enhanced.
  • Intrastat Declaration add-on has been merged into the SAP Business One 9.0 core application.

Sales and Purchasing

  • Purchase Requests

The starting point of document flow in purchase cycle of SAP B1 has been enhanced by adding Purchase Request document. Now branches and departments can place purchase or procurement requests through SAP B1 and the organization can have better control over purchase cycles.

  • Cancellation of Sales and Purchasing Documents

You can now cancel most sales and purchasing documents that normally trigger postings. Upon canceling such a document, a corresponding cancelation document is created to reverse the associated accounting, tax, and inventory changes. The base documents belonging to the canceled documents are reopened with balances due restored. You can now copy these base documents to new documents.

  • Adjusting Total Freight in Goods Receipt POs Based on A/P Reserve Invoices.
  • Adjusting Item Cost in Non-Based A/R Return and A/R Credit Memo.


  • Payment, Check, and Deposit Cancelation Improvements


  • Bin Locations

SAP Business One 9.0 allows you to manage bin locations for your warehouses. You can enable the bin location function for individual warehouses. After you enable the bin location function for intended warehouses, you need to record bin locations in those warehouses for all receipts and issues of inventory.

  • Multiple Unit of Measurement (UoM)

The Multiple UoM feature enables you to sell, purchase, receive and ship products in any UoM that your business needs, and to define default UoMsv for various types of transactions. All sales and purchasing documents support items with multi-UoM definitions.

  • Price List and Discount Enhancements
  • Serial and Batch Items in Drop Ship Warehouse
  • Inventory Taking

Implementation Tools

  • Implementation Center and Project

SAP Business One 9.0 lets you create and edit implementation projects, which assist you with the implementation and configuration of SAP Business One. An implementation project is a template that details the specific steps you must complete to fully install and implement SAP Business One.

Infrastructure Enhancements

  • System Landscape Directory
  • Single Sign-On
  • 64bit Support
  • Security Compliance & Data Privacy

Software Development Kit (SDK)

SAP Business One is equipped with a programming API based on COM technology. You can use the functional scope of SAP Business One as supplied, or adapt it to your specific requirements. The API is delivered as a Software Development Kit (SDK), including development documentation and code samples. The SAP Business One SDK enables you to extend and change the functionality of SAP Business One to create industry and company functionality and interfaces with third-party tools.

  • SAP Business One Workflow

SAP Business One Workflow enables you to define, deploy, and execute new business processes.

Reporting Platform

  • SAP Crystal Reports 2011 and Crystal Server Integration.

Upgrade Path

Upgrading to 9.0 and staying on maintenance provides you access to the latest patches, support packs and new versions, as well as to legal compliancy updates and improved support for legal compliancy, and more. Our “hosted” customers will be upgraded when the version becomes available for General Distribution. Our “on-premise” customers can request to be nominated for “ramp-up” availability. A Fast and Well-tested Upgrade Process can often be completed in about a week, including training on the new features. The SAP/Softengine Upgrade Process provides our clients with a standard and documented upgrade methodology. Upgrade Phases:

  • Upgrade Preparation
  • Technical Upgrade Process
  • Testing, Troubleshooting and Training
  • Go-Live with SAP Business One v9.0